Instructor of record

COMM 105S Public Understanding of Science, Stanford University

This course is about the interrelationship between science and the public, where “science” is understood in a broad way including both social and natural sciences. It examines how communication about science (in classrooms, in the news media, etc.) influences how the public thinks and acts when it comes to scientific issues. This course explores public perceptions, representations, and assessments of science by drawing together studies from communication, psychology, political science, and environmental science.

Teaching Assistant

POLISCI 232T/332T The Dialogue of Democracy, Stanford University. Instructor: Prof James S. Fishkin

COMM 158/258 Censorship and Propaganda, Stanford University. Instructor: Prof Jennifer Pan

COMM 1 Introduction to Communication, Stanford University. Instructor: Prof. Jeff Hancock

COMM 124/224 Lies, Trust, and Tech, Stanford University. Instructor: Prof. Jeff Hancock

COMM 108/208 Media Processes and Effects, Stanford University. Instructor: Prof. Gabriella Harari